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We offer estate planning customized to your goals and values, and the needs of your family and your business.



Estate Planning

Wills and Trusts

Tax Planning

Business Planning and Succession

Charitable Planning



YOU are the centerpiece of your estate plan . . . not an attorney, not the IRS, not probate court.


We understand that estate planning can be a sensitive subject; it is sometimes difficult to think about a future without ourselves in it.  That’s why our team at Stanziola Estate Law works with YOU to make certain your wishes are fulfilled and your dreams for your family or business are realized to their fullest extent.


Our years of experience combined with our client-focused approach ensure you will never get a one-size-fits-all, templated estate plan, rather, your plan will be constructed and customized specifically to address your needs and alleviate your concerns.  That’s why Stanziola Estate Law is the caring partner for YOU.


We know the law.  We understand the tax codes. We listen to YOU.


Your future, secured.

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